Tack GPS Helps Parents Locate their Children

Updated: May 11

An estimated 8 million children are said to go missing each year*, worldwide. Around 800,000 are from the United States, 40,000 each year in Brazil, 50,500 in Canada, 39,000 in France, 100,000 in Germany, 45,000 in Mexico, and an estimated 230,000 go missing in the United Kingdom every year.

The safety of our children is paramount to us at Tack GPS, whether they are at play or at school, or out with friends. Usually you can do this directly from a mobile phone, but with limited battery life, it will exhaust itself very quickly and run out of battery. The Tack GPS was created with ultra long battery life in mind, built on top of the NB IoT modern network we were able to extend the battery life to 30 days.