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The Pulse of Innovation: Tack EVO Floodfinder in Water & Wastewater Asia's Latest Issue

We at Tack One are delighted to share that our insights are part of the freshly published Mar/Apr 2024 issue of Water & Wastewater Asia. Veolia's CEO refers to water as 'blue gold,' a sentiment that resonates with our mission to secure and manage water resources effectively through innovative technology.

In a world adapting to climate change, building a resilient water utility system is not just ideal; it’s imperative. Our article in WWA sheds light on how our GPS enabled Tack EVO Floodfinder monitoring solution can enhance the efficiency of water utilities, ensuring sustainability and resilience in operations.

For those interested in a deep dive into our perspective and the broader discussion on water utilities, you can find our article through a quick click here. The full magazine, brimming with industry knowledge and expertise, is also available here.

Should you wish to hold a physical copy of this informative issue, please go to for their excellent insights to water.

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