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Image by Tiffany Nutt
Tack GPS tracker in Wonder Cases
Tack GPS tracker in Blue Wonder Case
Tack GPS tracker in Green Wonder Case

Find Things Without Losing Your Marbles

Losing things can be frustrating, but Tack GPS never forgets where you've misplaced them. Attach our pocket-friendly and discreet devices to your assets and protect them from theft.

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Ultra Long Battery Life

Rechargeable & Up To 30 Days on Standard Mode

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Durable & Lightweight

Ultra-Sonic Welding & Weatherproof Design

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Track Indoors & Outdoors

With Tack GPS' Hybrid Tracking Technology

Tack GPS tracker on MacBook on laptop bag

No worries about batteries running out.

Enjoy 30-days of hassle-free tracking with a single charge.
Tack GPS tracker app feature - safe zone alerts
Safeguard Property With

Safe Zone Alerts

Spot theft early. Be instantly notified when things are not where they should be.

Travel Securely With

Global Roaming*

Insure against missing baggages with our future-proof IoT Network SIM when you travel internationally.

Tack GPS tracker app feature - global roaming
Tack GPS tracker app feature - emergency mode
Track Stolen Goods With

Emergency Mode

Steal up on your stolen goods with enhanced tracking features and continuous location reports.

Tack GPS location tracker with lanyard


Light, compact, and durable—Tack GPS weighs merely an ounce (30 grams) and comes with a lanyard for easy attachment.

Tack GPS tracker vs credit card
Tack GPS tracker for bike

Safeguard assets with Tack.

Secure your peace of mind at only US$2.99 a month! Shop now.

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