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Caring For The Family Just Got Easier.

Over 60% with dementia will wander and it takes an average of 24 hours or more to locate them. 


Get support as a caregiver; minimise the duties and risks of seniors wandering off. With long lasting battery life and pocket-friendly size, it works both indoors in an enclosed building and outdoors in an open field. Our devices are perfect for those with dementia. Less stress for you and your family. 

In partnership with
Loving Couple
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Track Indoors & Outdoors

With Tack GPS' Hybrid Tracking Technology

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Single Press Emergency

Instant SOS Notification & Continuous Reporting

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Ultra Long Battery Life

Rechargeable & Up To 30 Days on Standard Mode


No more worries of flat batteries.

Enjoy 30-days of hassle-free tracking with a single charge.
Tack GPS tracker app feature - indoor tracking
Safety First With

Indoor Tracking

From multi-story buildings to underground subways, Tack GPS keeps your loved ones in check.

Get Peace Of Mind With

Safe Zone Alerts

Create special zones for those with special needs, and be notified when someone wanders off.

Tack GPS tracker app feature - safe zone alerts
Tack GPS tracker app feature - location sharing
Find Your Loved Ones With

Location Sharing

All is not lost with Tack GPS's tracking precision. Track your loved ones' location anytime, anywhere.

Get Real Time Notifications With

Emergency Mode

With a single button press on our device, Tack GPS App reports and updates its location every 2 minutes.

Tack GPS tracker app feature - emergency mode
Tack GPS location tracker with lanyard


Light, compact, and durable—Tack GPS weighs merely an ounce (30 grams) and comes with a lanyard for easy attachment.

Tack GPS tracker vs credit card
Couple in Raincoats

Never lose track with tack.

Secure your peace of mind at only US$2.95 a month! Shop now.
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