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Tack GPS is an independent (comes with built-in SIM card) GPS tracker that comes with 30 days rechargeable battery life, is compact and weatherproof, and works indoors and outdoors across the globe. Find your peace of mind by keeping track of your loved ones and valuables with Tack GPS.

Starting from US$79

Accessorise with flying colors.
Tack GPS Tracker in Wonder Case

Rechargeable & up to 30 Days on Standard Mode 


NB-IoT/Cat M1 For Maximum Connectivity


With Tack GPS' Hybrid Tracking Technology


Instant SOS Notification & Continuous Reporting


Ultra-Sonic Welding & Weatherproof Design


Hassle-Free Usage With Low Ownership Costs

Tack GPS Location Tracker on blue

Versatile Tracker

For Every Adventure

Unmatched Battery Life

While other trackers last for only a few days, Tack GPS  lasts for 30 days on a single charge!  Using rechargeable Battery that leverages on A.I. and smart sensors to optimise its power usage. Here's why:
  • Runs on state-of-art low power components

  • Leverages on next Gen IoT network technology designed for low power devices

  • Optimises usage over time with A.I. smart power management algorithm

Tult - NEW RENDERS (2)_edited-min.png
Waterproof Tack GPS Tracker
GPS Satellites
Wi-Fi Positioning
LTE IoT Network

How Does It Work?

Tack GPS uses an advance Hybrid Location Technology – a combination of GPS Satellites, Wi-Fi and IoT Mobile Network. This also enables tracking with global precision as sharp as a tack.

Our smart A.I. seamlessly toggles between networks to optimise its location tracking indoors and outdoors, and with low battery power usage.

Next Gen IoT Network

Tack GPS runs on the next generation mobile network (NB-IoT/Cat M1). These low powered wide area networks are specifically designed for IoT devices to provide:
  • Better Network Coverage - in areas of poor cell signal

  • Lower Battery Power Consumption

  • A Futureproof Network - due to the rapid expansion of IoT network by major mobile operators

Tech Specs Explode.png
Tack GPS Tracker for location tracking
Tack GPS Tracker vs credit card

Compact And Durable

Weighing merely an ounce (30 grams), our ultra-sonic welding and weatherproof design allows Tack to be used in all weather
  • Light Weight - 1 oz / 30 grams

  • Compact - 17mm / 0.65 inch thickness

  • Durable - Water & Dust proof with Hard Exterior Case

Tack GPS location tracker side

One-Click SOS

Trigger Emergency Mode and be notified of the device's real-time location on the Tack GPS app with a continuous update every 2 minutes.

Tack GPS is equipped with powerful features to help you save valuable time finding the things you love.

Mobile APP Monitoring of
Tack GPS Trackers

With a simple setup, you can monitor the locations and statuses of up to 99 devices on a single intuitive dashboard. Get an extra sense of assurance that things are in the right place at the right time.
Tack GPS tracker app interface
Tack GPS app Safe Zone alert

Geofencing With Safe Zones

Keep things in check with Safe Zones by create multiple boundaries for the important things in life. Be alerted on your Tack GPS app automatically when they move in and out of these zones.

Location Sharing is Easy 

Locate deliveries of assets across countries or find loved ones who have lost their way by sharing real-time locations with others -
anytime, anywhere.
Tack GPS app Location Sharing
Tack GPS Tracker App Battery Emergency Mode

Performance at a touch of a button

Toggle between Power Saving, Standard, Active, Emergency Modes for different users to optimise tracking and battery performances.

The Tack app is available on iPhone and Android. Get your Tack GPS tracker today.

Tech Specs
14 Day Return Policy

We hope you love us! But if you wish to return our product, we're here to help.

30 Day Free Trial

Enjoy the full experience on the first month of purchase, free of charge!

1 Year Warranty

Faulty product? We offer

1-to-1 exchange

CE & FCC Certified

Our products are approved by CE and FCC standards for added safety and security.

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