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An independent GPS tracker with built-in SIM card that comes with 30 days rechargeable battery life, is compact and weatherproof, and works indoors and outdoors across the globe. Find your peace of mind by keeping track of your loved ones and valuables with Tack GPS.

Starting from US$79


Versatile tracker for every adventure!

Unmatched Battery Life

While other trackers last for only a few days, Tack GPS  lasts for 30 days on a single charge! Using rechargeable Battery that leverages on A.I. and smart sensors to optimise its power usage. Here's why:

  • Runs on state-of-art low power components

  • Leverages on next Gen IoT network technology designed for low power devices

  • Optimises usage over time with A.I. smart power management algorithm

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Waterproof Tack GPS Tracker
GPS Satellites
Wi-Fi Positioning
LTE IoT Network
How Does It Work?

Tack GPS uses an advance Hybrid Location Technology – a combination of GPS Satellites, Wi-Fi and IoT Mobile Network. This also enables tracking with global precision as sharp as a tack.

Our smart A.I. seamlessly toggles between networks to optimise its location tracking indoors and outdoors, and with low battery power usage.

Next Gen IoT Network

Tack GPS runs on the next generation mobile network (NB-IoT/Cat M1). These low powered wide area networks are specifically designed for IoT devices to provide:

  • Better Network Coverage - in areas of poor cell signal

  • Lower Battery Power Consumption

  • A Futureproof Network - due to the rapid expansion of IoT network by major mobile operators

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Tack GPS Tracker for location tracking
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Compact And Durable

Weighing merely an ounce (30 grams), our ultra-sonic welding and weatherproof design allows Tack to be used in all weather

  • Light Weight - 1 oz / 30 grams

  • Compact - 17mm / 0.65 inch thickness

  • Durable - Weather and dust proof with hard exterior case

Tack GPS location tracker side
One-Click Alert
With a single press of the button, users can call for attention and trigger an instant notification to you and your Sphere members.
OurSphere is equipped with powerful features to help you save valuable time finding the things you love.

Seamless Mobile App Monitoring

With a simple setup, you can monitor the locations and statuses of up to 99 devices on a single intuitive dashboard. Get an extra sense of assurance that things are in the right place at the right time.

Tack GPS tracker app interface
Tack GPS app Safe Zone alert
Geofencing With Safe Zones

Keep things in check with Safe Zones by creating multiple boundaries for the important things in life. Be alerted on your Tack GPS app automatically when they move in and out of these zones.

Location Sharing with Ease

Locate deliveries of assets across countries or find loved ones who have lost their way by sharing real-time locations with others - anytime, anywhere.

Tack GPS app Location Sharing
Tack GPS Tracker App Battery Emergency Mode
Performance at a touch of a button

Toggle between Power Saving, Standard, Active, Emergency Modes for different users to optimise tracking and battery performances.

Never lose track with
The most affordable location service subscription in the market that includes a combination of the next-gen GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, IoT Network, Cellular and Roaming Data.

Why do I need a subscription? It enables your Tack's built-in SIM card to communicate its location data to your mobile independently and in multiple countries.
Standard Plan
Premium Plan
SIM Card
Cellular Data
Location History
14 Days
90 Days
Emergency Mode Interval
2 Mins
1 Min
Active Mode Interval
10 Mins
5 Mins
Standard Mode Interval
60 Mins
10 Mins
Quarterly Plan (per device)
US$4.95 per month
US$6.95 per month
Yearly Plan (per device)
US$3.75 per month
US$5.75 per month
2 Year Plan (per device)
US$2.95 per month
US$4.95 per month

Tack GPS is support on OurSphere, available on iPhone and Android. Get your Tack GPS tracker today.

  • How does Tack GPS work?
    Tack GPS works by locating itself using GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and Cellular triangulation. It then communicates its location information to our hosted secure cloud service over the mobile IoT network. The Tack app gets these information in real-time. So it works anywhere with the support mobile network coverage (similar to your phone).
  • What are the tracking modes and their reporting intervals? How do I change them?
    Tack GPS has 4 modes of tracking which can be set by users anytime they wish: 1. Power Saving Mode: Location updates once every 4 hours 2. Standard Mode: Location updates once every 1 hour 3. Active Mode: Location updates once every 10 minutes 4. Emergency Mode: Location update once every 2 minutes To change tracking mode for any device, simply go to the device settings page and select/toggle on the tracking mode to change the current setting.
  • Why do I require the Tack Connect subscription and how much is it?
    Tack GPS Tracker has a built-in modem and SIM card so that it works independently on its own. The subscription covers mobile data and Wifi Positioning costs. Our subscription costs are: Quarterly subscription (billed once every 3 months) - USD4.95/month One year subscription (billed annually) - USD3.75/month Two years subscription (billed every 2 years) - USD2.95/month
  • How do I subscribe to Tack Connect Subscription?
    You may subscribe to Tack Connect plan directly from the TackGPS app. Just tap on the menu bar on the top right hand corner of the app and select Subscription Management from the dropdown menu.
  • Can I use my own SIM?
    Tack GPS has a built in sim so that we can manage the network service on your behalf and you will have one less thing to worry about (Remember we want Tack to be fuss-free to use!). There are very good reasons for this too. The low powered wide area networks like LTE-M and NB-IoT that are specifically designed for IoT devices are not readily made available to the public. This means that retail buyers like you won’t be able to leverage on the power efficiencies of these networks nor get the pricing as we would since we have economies of scale. This translates to more cost savings for you. Also, at a subscription cost as low as USD2.99 a month, you would be hard pressed to find better pricing as the one we currently provide.
  • What countries are supported for Tack GPS Tracker?
    Tack GPS is supported in the following countries with the following service providers (Click on the service providers to check out the IoT coverage in your area) USA - AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile/Sprint USA Germany - Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica O2 United Kingdom - O2 Australia - Telstra Austria - Magenta Telekom Belgium - Orange Canada - Telus, Bell Denmark - Telia Mobile, Telenor France - Orange Finland - DNA, TeliaSonera Estonia - Elisa Hungary - Vodafone Iceland - Síminn Israel - Pelephone Communication Italy - Vodafone Japan - Softbank, NTT Docomo, KDDI Latvia - Latvian Mobile Luxembourg - Orange, P&T Luxembourg Mexico - AT&T Mexico, TelCel Netherlands - Vodafone Libertel, T-Mobile Netherlands New Zealand - Vodafone, Spark Norway - Telenor Mobile, TeliaSonera Norge Poland - Orange Polska Romania - Orange Romania Singapore - Singtel Slovak Republic - Orange Slovensko Slovenia - A1 Slovenija South Korea - KT Spain - Orange España, Telefónica Móviles España Sweden - Telia Mobile, Telenor Sverige Switzerland - Swisscom Taiwan - Chunghwa
  • What are the supported countries of Tack GPS (Global Version) Tracker?
    Tack GPS Global Tracker is supported in the following countries: Albania Algeria Anguilla Argentina Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Belize Bolivia Bonaire Brazil British Virgin Islands Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon Canada Chile China Colombia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Eswatini Ethiopia Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France French Guyana Georgia Germany Ghana Greenland Guatemala Guinea Guinea Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Ivory Coast Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Republic Latvia Luxembourg Malaysia Mali Mauritius Mexico Mongolia Morocco Myanmar Namibia Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palestine Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Samoa Saudi Arabia Senegal Sierra Leone Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia Solomon Islands South Africa South Korea South Sudan Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Surinam Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Tonga Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia UK Ukraine USA Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vietnam Yemen Zambia
  • Are there any roaming fees or restrictions?
    No, we do not charge roaming fees or impose any restrictions so once you have subscribed to our Tack Connect service, you can use Tack GPS in all of the supported countries at no additional cost!
  • Can I monitor Tack GPS from multiple devices?
    Yes, it is possible to monitor Tack GPS from multiple devices. You just need to be logged into the same account on different device.
  • What is the accuracy for Tack GPS?
    The outdoor accuracy for GPS allows Tack GPS to locate up to 3-5m (10-20 ft). For indoor tracking on WPS (WiFi Positioning System), typical accuracy is 10-30m (30-100 ft) indoors. (very much like the accuracy of your mobile phone whenever you are indoor and turns on location service). Should both GPS and WPS fails. Tack GPS is still able to do cell tower triangulation to provide its location, typically within 100-300m (300-1000 ft) or more.
  • How do I attach the Tack GPS to my bicycle, pets, children, parents, etc?
    Our compact Tack GPS device comes with a wrist lanyard for a simple attachment to bag handles, zippers, or even clothing belt loops. For other convenient modes of attachment, we have also designed the Wonder Sleeve, which comes with a protective casing and velcro strap perfect for bicycle frames and pet collars of your furry buddies.
  • Can the devices operate in extreme weather conditions?
    Tack GPS have a recommended operating temperature of 0°C to 40°C with maximum operating temperature of -20°C to 60°C, However, in both the extremely high and low temperatures, battery life could be affected significantly.
  • How do I charge Tack GPS? How long does it take to charge?
    Tack GPS is rechargeable with a USB-C cable, which is included in the box with your purchase. A full charge takes about 1.5 hours, with the LED changing from RED to GREEN when the device is fully charged.
  • How do I turn the device on or off?
    A short press on the power button turns it on; a long press (about 8-10 secs) on the power button turns turn it off. With an operating battery life as long as ours, we hardly see the need to turn it off to save battery power!
  • How do I send an alert and call for attention from my Tack GPS during an emergency?
    Simply press the Power Button once. The LED will turn green, indicating that the device is performing a network connection. ​ When the green LED turns off, it indicates a network connection success, and you will receive an alert notification on your Tack GPS / OurSphere app shortly. ​ When the LED is blinking red, it indicates a network connection failure. Please try again after the LED stops blinking.
  • How do I add a Safe zone and what is it used for?
    Enter the advanced settings menu by tapping on the settings wheel located at the top right corner on the device’s setting page. Safe zones may be added by pressing on the “+” icon. Up to 4 safe zones may be added for each Tack device. Once Safe zones are setup, you will receive a notification alert on the TackGPS App every time the device goes in and out of the Safe zones.
  • How do I update the firmware on Tack GPS?
    When there is a new firmware update for the Tack GPS device, users will be notified on the TackGPS app dashboard via a red icon beside the device setting icon. Tap on the device setting icon and follow the instructions on app to update the firmware. For more details, please download the user menu at our support page.
  • What is Pet Mode? What is it used for?
    Pet Mode is used to enhance battery life when Tack GPS is worn on a pet. When Pet Mode is turned ON, Tack GPS' smart A.I. algorithm uses an alternate set of criteria to evaluate the activity patterns that is more suited to a pet wearing the device all the time, 24 by 7. This is needed to differentiate the activity and usage patterns as the use case for pets vastly differs from tracking a vehicle, or a child's school bag. While Pet modes works very well for pets wearing the device all the time, it is not suited for tracking people, cars, moving assets or while the pet is being driven or carried. For all other use cases other than pets wearing the device 24 x 7, we recommend turning OFF Pet Mode for the best performance.
  • Is there warranty included?
    Yup! We include a standard 1-year Warranty with the Tack GPS.
  • What does Blue/Green/Red LED lights mean?
    When your Tack GPS device is NOT plugged in to a power source: Static GREEN light indicates that the device is performing a location update When Static GREEN light turns off, it indicates Success Static BLUE light indicates that the device is performing system tasks (e.g. firmware updates) Blinking BLUE light indicates that the device is starting up Static RED light indicates that the device has a system hardware failure Blinking RED light indicates that the device has failed to perform a task It is advised to perform the relevant task again after Blinking RED light turns off When your Tack GPS device is plugged in to a power source to charge: a. Static RED light indicates that the device is charging b. Static GREEN light indicates that the device is fully charged
  • Why is my Tracking Mode on the app blinking and not changing?
    The selected Tracking Mode is blinking to indicate that the mode change is in transition, and would only take effect when your Tack GPS device wakes up to connect to the network for its next location update. If you wish for the mode change to take effect immediately, simply press the device's power button to force a manual network connection. Once the device has establish network successfully, it will receive the new Tracking Mode update.
  • My Tack GPS does not update location on 10 mins interval on Active mode or 2 mins interval in Emergency mode. Why Is that?
    To optimise the battery performance of our Tack GPS devices, we leverage on built-in sensors and A.I. algorithms to determine if the device has moved from its last position before sending a location report. Therefore, if the device's location has not changed, it does not trigger a new location update within its Tracking Mode interval.
  • My Tack is not tracking even after I charge it. Why is that so?
    If the Tack's battery was drained fully in the last use, after you charge the device please press on the power button once to turn it on again.
  • My Tack GPS LED is blinking Red. What is happening?
    This is an indiction that the network connection has failed. There could be no network coverage/cell tower reception in the particular location where the Tack GPS LED blinks Red. To retry, press the power button twice to start a new on-demand location update to check if the network connection error is an intermittent issue. You may also repeat this verification when your Tack GPS device is in a new location. You can also check with the operator providing the IoT connectivity in your country (Refer to FAQ: What countries are supported at launch) to verify the coverage in the area where you are experiencing poor network connectivity.
  • My Tack GPS LED is lit with a solid Red. What does this mean?
    If the USB-C cable is connected to power source and device is charging. This is completely normal. Red light will turn to green once charging is completed. If the device is not charging when RED solid light comes on, restart the device by powering off the device - holding on to the power button for 8-10 secs until LED goes off, then single press on the power button to turn on the device again. If the Red light does not come on again, you may use the device normally. Please contact us at should the issue persists.
  • Can I have my personal data and/or user account on Tack GPS app deleted ?
    Yes, you can, kindly use the support contact us form below, select account related option, send us your user account email, and we will contact you for verification and deletion.
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