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About Us

Our Story

Justin Zhang founded Tack while helping a friend locate his missing father. Justin saw first hand how a missing loved one caused stress on the family, mobilizing friends and authorities to search for the missing parent. The friend's father was eventually found, as he forgot how to go home. GPS location tracking with Tack makes it possible to find them quickly and easily.  

Using his technological background, he decided to work with a team to create a product that will help people keep an eye on their most important things in life while focusing on their day.  


With our focus on technology, Tack GPS are well built, A.I. Ready for longer battery life use, plus we are the first Cybersecurity ready GPS tracker in the world by Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore. This means, better personal security. 

Ever since we started in 2021, we have expanded to over 30 countries where Tack can be used. We appreciate all the feedbacks from our customers where we continually update and fine tune our product. 


We are Family

Keeping family safe is the key mission at Tack. Use technology make like simpler, know where everything is at the touch of an APP. 

We build GPS trackers and services that people trust. With our premium design and technology, we want to delight customers with the best user experience in location trackers unlike others.  We create innovative solutions across our devices for all everyday use.

The Tack One Team 

Our team members come from all walks of life but with a shared passion in product innovation. With two decades worth of collective experiences in big Tech companies like Apple, Huawei, HTC, Nokia and AT&T—we decided it is time we created something together that is technologically amazing yet beneficial to the ones we hold dear.


Hence, we have built a future-proof product that we believe resonates closest to our heart; a product that brings peace of mind in knowing everything is in the right place at the right time.


Never lose track
with Tack.

Company Info

Tack GPS is a proud creation by Tack One Pte Ltd, a Singapore company specialises in the next generation Smart A.I. IoT products and location tracking services. 

You can contact us at :
Phone: +65 8883 7268

Company Address:

8 Kallang Sector,

Level 4 COINS,

Singapore 349282

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