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Tack GPS is now supported on OurSphere Beta!

Your ultimate location sharing app for finding the people and things that matter.

Seamlessly integrating phone-to-phone location sharing with the power of Tack GPS, OurSphere is designed to ensure you and your loved ones a peace of mind knowing that everything is in the right place at the right time.


With OurSphere, staying informed is effortless and reliable, no matter where you or your important items are in the world.

Explore OurSphere Beta app features


Create private groups exclusive to you and your members only.

Location History

Retrace your steps with up to 7 days of location history.

Frame 1321314622.png
Location Sharing

Look out for your people, pets and assets no matter the distance.

Frame 1321314615.png
Meeting Point

Arrange group outings with ease with a dedicated point

Frame 1321314616.png
Expiring Spheres

Manage event based location sharing with added privacy.

Frame 1321314619.png
Location Masking

Mask your exact location when you require more privacy.

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OurSphere Beta app is now available for download. Try it today.

We will soon be upgrading our Tack GPS app users to OurSphere – it's a brand new look with many new features on the way! Thank you for supporting us, and feel free to give us any feedback on how we can improve your experience.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)
Fresh look, new features, improved experience!
To learn more, download our User Manual here.
Stay tuned for more tutorial videos!

OurSphere Tutorial Videos

OurSphere Tutorial Videos

OurSphere Tutorial Videos
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How-To: Add Tack GPS on OurSphere

How-To: Add Tack GPS on OurSphere

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