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Tack GPS Plus: A Beacon of Hope for Dementia Care at CES 2024

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is renowned for spotlighting innovative solutions that push the boundaries of technology and offer new hope for better living. Among the breakthroughs that turned heads this year was a suite of healthcare technology products designed to address some of the most pressing challenges in elder care.

In the Singapore main papers, ZaoBao, our Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Zhang was featured.

Behind the scenes shot with Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Zhang

At Tack One, we understand that for families affected by dementia, the fear of a loved one wandering and becoming lost—especially in complex environments like high-rise buildings—is a source of considerable distress. That's why we developed the Tack GPS Plus, the world's first indoor elevation* tracker, which we proudly showcased at CES this year.

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The Tack GPS Plus stands out for its ability to provide peace of mind to families and caregivers. It's designed to pinpoint the location of dementia patients, even in multi-story structures, helping to mitigate the risks associated with wandering. This innovation is not just a technological triumph but a testament to our commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of our users.

Location sharing empowers families and caregivers with real-time knowledge of their loved ones' whereabouts, fostering peace of mind and security. Meanwhile, access to location history enriches this understanding by revealing patterns in their daily routines, enabling a proactive approach to their safety and well-being.

CES 2024 drew a global audience, with over 130,000 attendees and more than 4,300 companies, including 13 invited by Enterprise Singapore to represent the country's burgeoning tech scene. As part of this illustrious group, Tack One faced and overcame numerous challenges, from initial concept to final product delivery. Enterprise Singapore played a crucial role in our journey, providing support and guidance as we navigated the complexities of entering the global market.

In conversation with Lianhe Zaobao, we, alongside other health technology innovators, discussed the intricate dance of innovation and entrepreneurship. Challenges such as adapting to various international standards and ensuring user-friendly designs were part of our journey. However, the opportunity to present our solution at CES and the overwhelming positive response have validated our efforts.

For those with dementia and their families, the Tack GPS Plus represents more than just a tracker; it's a lifeline that connects the vulnerable with their loved ones, providing a sense of security and independence that is truly priceless. We're grateful for the platform that CES has provided us, allowing us to share our vision with the world and continue our mission of ensuring safety and tranquility for individuals and families globally.

At Tack One, we're not just developing technology; we're crafting a future where care for the elderly and vulnerable is woven seamlessly into the fabric of daily life, ensuring that no one is ever truly lost.

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*Elevation Tracking: Our technology now provides precise elevation data in relation to the caregiver's OurSphere APP, delivering measurements in both meters and feet. While we cannot specify the exact floor due to variable building structures, this feature offers a referential guide by indicating an elevation (e.g., 30 meters above ground level), significantly enhancing the efficiency of search efforts. This elevation tracking capability represents a pioneering advancement in consumer GPS technology, previously unavailable, setting a new benchmark for precision in indoor location services.

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