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Going Malaysia? Safeguard your car from tech-savvy thieves!

Many of us love to drive across the border into Malaysia and beyond. We say it's for the good food and a change of scenery. But I'm not going to sugarcoat it, most of us do so to take advantage of the exchange rate, be it for the petrol, food or groceries.

But I've noticed a worrying trend - car thieves are getting really good at stealing modern keyless cars. There is news all over the world about cars getting stolen with sophisticated methods; these thieves don't even need a key to get into your car! And it could very well happen in Malaysia, during your road trip!

While a short road trip outside of Singapore can result in savings and plenty of good times, it could all turn into a disaster if your car were to go missing… the risk of car theft is still very real and should not be ignored.

As thieves and criminals innovate, we have to modernise the way we protect our cars as well. Here are some essential tips on how to safeguard your car from high-tech thieves.

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