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GPS Tracker For Elderly: 8 Things To Know Before You Buy

GPS Tracker For Elderly: 8 Things To Know Before You Buy

For keeping track of the whereabouts and security of elderly family members and loved ones, GPS trackers are an efficient tool. With a GPS monitoring gadget, it is easier to keep track of their whereabouts and get notifications if they depart from known routes or safe regions. Senior fall alarm systems, which alert and notify loved ones in the case of possible slips, trips, and accidents, are added features on certain GPS trackers for the elderly.

Why do you need a GPS tracker for elderly?

Having the ability to track the daily movements and activities of an elderly loved one can be a critical asset, particularly for caregivers of those with medical conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer's. By using a GPS tracker for dementia, caregivers can easily monitor if they are going out, taking long walks, and where they regularly go. This can help to stay informed about their visits to important locations, such as hospitals, as well as their favorite places, like coffee shops. Having a GPS tracking device, gaining valuable insights can aid tremendously in caretaking efforts on a daily basis.

What can a GPS tracker do for your elderly loved ones?

In the event of an emergency, a GPS tracking device can quickly locate loved ones and get them the help they need. Many GPS trackers for elderly come with an SOS button that allows the user to send an alert to their caregivers in the case of an emergency.

GPS trackers can help elderly individuals maintain their independence while still providing a level of protection. This can be especially important for those with medical conditions that may require additional support.

Overall, a GPS tracker for elderly can be a valuable tool for both elderly individuals and their caregivers. It can provide peace of mind, increased safety, and the ability to track daily movements and activities. If you have an elderly loved one, consider investing in a GPS tracker to help ensure their well-being and safety.

Things to look out for when choosing a GPS tracker for elderly

Things to look out for when choosing a GPS tracker for elderly

When it comes to choosing a GPS tracker for elderly loved ones, there are several important factors to consider.

Here are a few things to look out for when making your selection.

1. Tracking indoors and outdoors

Tack GPS device utilizes GPS satellites, Wi-Fi and IoT mobile network for versatile positioning to ensure that the tracking device is always in touch to keep loved ones safe whether they are indoors or outdoors.

All Tack GPS devices come with a lanyard for easy attachment to bag handles and zippers, etc. Additionally, for pet owners, they have the wonder sleeve for convenient attachment to all types of pet collars.

2. Battery Life of GPS Tracker

When considering purchasing a GPS tracker for elderly, it is important to think about the battery life of the device. This will allow you to know how long you can use the tracker before needing to charge it.

There are several options available, including small, battery-operated GPS trackers with motion sensors that only function while the user is moving. Another option is to use a power bank to extend the battery life and make it convenient to recharge the device, although most devices only last for about two hours before needing to be recharged.

If you want a GPS tracker with a longer battery life, you might want to consider a device like Tack GPS, which uses a rechargeable battery with A.I. and smart sensors to optimize power consumption and can last up to 30 days on a single charge.

3. Device compatibility

Different GPS tracking devices may have different compatibility support for various mobile device models. Before buying a GPS tracking device, ensure that it is compatible with the mobile device.

Tack GPS works seamlessly with both iOS and Android mobile devices. For firmware updates, Tack GPS uses bluetooth to connect with the location tracking app on the user's phone.

4. Total cost of ownership

When selecting a GPS tracker for your senior loved one, it is crucial to evaluate the cost. Different companies charge different fees for their GPS monitoring systems, so it's a good idea to look at their websites and product pages to get a sense of the expenses involved. This can also equip you with information about the company's product ranges as well as specifics about the GPS tracker you're interested in. Tack GPS provides a cost-effective choice with a location service subscription plan that starts at $2.99 per month for a two-year plan. This inexpensive cost of ownership gives Tack GPS a competitive edge over other GPS tracking options on the market.

5. Interface of software

Choosing a GPS tracker for elderly that is simple to use for your loved ones is important as they are using it on a daily basis. Look for a gadget with a simple interface and straightforward instructions, such as Tack GPS's mobile app, which has an intuitive dashboard with a list of paired tracking devices, position information, and a map. With the intuitive mobile app, Tack GPS allows monitoring of the locations up to 99 devices. Tack GPS enables toggle between Standard, Power Saving, Active or Emergency Modes to optimize tracking and battery performances with a simple touch as well.

Tack GPS also makes it simple to share the user's whereabouts. Tack GPS's powerful mobile software allows users to simply share the device's current position by providing a link with others. Users may feel at ease knowing that their elderly loved ones are safe and secure.

6. Functionality of SOS button

A GPS tracker with an easily accessible SOS button is an important feature to consider when choosing a device for an elderly. In case of an emergency, this button allows them to quickly call for help and ensures that assistance can be promptly provided. Tack GPS offers a One-Click SOS feature that sends a notification alert to the caretaker’s app on the phone. The caretaker can also trigger emergency mode from the Tack GPS app to provide continuous updates on the device's location every 2 minutes. Overall, this feature can provide peace of mind and ensure that the elderly have access to assistance whenever they need it.

7. Safe zone alerts

Tack GPS offers a useful feature called geofencing with safe zones that can help users monitor the whereabouts of their elderly loved ones and prevent them from wandering away and getting lost. With this feature, they can create multiple boundaries or "safe zones" on the Tack GPS app. When the tracking device enters or exits these defined zones, they will automatically receive notifications. This can be a helpful tool in keeping track of their loved one's movements and ensuring their safety.

8. Build quality and durability of a GPS tracker

Consider a GPS tracker that can withstand daily wear and tear, as well as the occasional accidental drop. Look for a device that is water-resistant and made of durable materials. There are several inexpensive GPS trackers available, but the hardware and software may not be of the greatest quality.

Tack GPS tracking device is lightweight and portable, weighing only 30 grams. Tack GPS is extremely durable and, thanks to its weatherproof design and ultrasonic welding, is built to withstand any circumstances.

Use Tack GPS device to ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones

Use Tack GPS device to ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones

Thinking of buying a GPS tracker for your elderly loved ones? Rather than investing in expensive gear or high contract payments, we employ straightforward, dependable technologies in a small and dependable gadget.

Find your peace of mind with Tack GPS’s multi-purpose location tracker device with the longest 30-day battery life.

Keep track of and ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones anytime and anywhere. Click here to buy now!

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