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8 Things to Consider Before Buying a GPS Tracking Device

8 Things to Consider Before Buying a GPS Tracking Device

Different types of GPS tracking devices exist. It's critical to comprehend all of the advanced features, dependability, and accuracy that the gadget and service give in order to keep your loved one secure. Choosing the cheapest GPS tracking device could be alluring, but it is important to make sure you are not compromising on key tracking features. Both you and your loved ones deserve the highest degree of security possible for their protection.

Read on for 5 factors to consider before buying a GPS tracking device.

What can GPS tracking devices do?

Global positioning system, or GPS for short, is a commonly used technology for transferring exact information about time and location to a particular GPS receiver anywhere on or near the planet. Mobile phones or internet access are not necessarily required for GPS devices to operate independently or communicate data. The position of the user will be sent to you by a GPS tracker as the real time tracking data is monitored and retrieved using a receiver.

1) Purpose of using GPS tracking device

A fantastic device for monitoring loved ones, pets, and seniors, GPS trackers can still keep them secure without limiting their freedom. Using a GPS tracker is essential for monitoring the location of a loved one, with enhanced security features such as Safe Zone Alerts and Activity Monitoring to ensure their safety.

2) Cost of GPS tracking device

There are many different brands of GPS tracking devices that are produced by a range of companies, and each one has a slightly different price range for its device and subscription fees. Other than taking note of the device’s price, it is important to also factor in the cost of the location service subscription fees as well.

With the most affordable location service subscription plan in the market that starts from US$2.99/month for a 2-year plan, Tack GPS has a low cost of ownership compared to many other GPS tracking solutions with high monthly subscription fees.

3) Build quality and portability of the device

Build quality and portability of the device

Because GPS trackers are portable, they can be placed almost anywhere. For example, you may put one in your toddler's backpack, take one on a trip, wear one on your pet's collar, or put one in your teen's pocketbook to make sure that you keep tabs on their locations. When selecting GPS trackers for tracking that is ostensibly discrete, certain professions (like those of private investigators) also take GPS tracker size into consideration.

The Tack GPS tracking device is lightweight (30 grams) and has a portable form factor. With great durability, Tack GPS is made to withstand any conditions due to its ultrasonic welding and weatherproof construction.

4) Indoor coverage of GPS tracker

The information gathered by the tracker is sent to the server using cellular technology so that smartphones and desktops may access it. The majority of GPS tracking systems transmit data using mobile devices.

Consider whether your receiver travels in locations where your service is spotty to determine how long it will take for the device to transmit its whereabouts.

With Tack GPS's NB-IoT/Cat M1 connectivity, you can be rest assured for maximum connectivity. And with our hybrid tracking technology combining both GPS and WiFi Positioning System , Tack GPS works indoors and outdoors with precise tracking across the globe seamlessly.

5) Battery life of tracking device

The battery life of the GPS tracking device should also be taken into account before buying the GPS tracker. This helps you determine how long you can use the tracker before having to charge it again.

There are small, battery-operated GPS trackers available that have motion sensors integrated within, limiting their function to when the user is moving. Power banks are another option that can extend your battery life and allow you to recharge. However, with an average use of just approximately two hours per day, most devices only last that long before needing to be recharged.

Using a rechargeable battery that leverages on A.I. and smart sensors to optimize its power consumption, Tack GPS has an ultra long battery life that lasts up to 30 days.

6) Usability of the tracking app

You will be missing out on a lot of valuable features if the GPS tracker doesn't come with a companion app. You will be unable to set up geofences, examine account settings, or monitor other important metrics like battery life.

It should be noted that if a companion app is included, alerts in and out of geofences can be seen instantaneously on a smartphone. You should also have more freedom to customise location reports frequency with a companion app.

Tack GPS’s mobile app comes with a robust dashboard that shows the list of paired tracking devices, location information and a map. You can share the login credentials amongst your family members so that everyone can get a better sense of assurance.

With a simple touch, Tack GPS lets you toggle between Standard, Power Saving, Active or Emergency Modes. This helps to optimize its tracking and battery performances as well.

7) Safety features of location tracker

When selecting GPS trackers, it's a good idea to look out for features like the SOS button because they may save lives. When in need, the user can push this button to notify authorities or a specific person of the device's position and directions. This specific feature has been shown to be beneficial in dire circumstances.

Tack GPS comes with One-Click SOS that can trigger a notification alert on your phone. You will be notified of the device's current location on the Tack GPS app. You can trigger emergency mode from the app with a continuous update every 2 minutes.

8) Availability of attachment accessories

Availability of attachment accessories

Attachment accessories for GPS trackers can come in the many forms of cables, cases and mounting brackets for cars, bags, or pouches.

Designed to attach the Tack GPS tracker on your pet's collar, bike frames or handles, the Wonder Sleeve (Fabric Case) for Tack GPS tracker comes with a velcro strap for flexible attachment and effortless comfort.

The Wonder Sleeve (Fabric Case) for Tack GPS tracker device comes in 2 colours — grey fabric case with black elastic band and black fabric case with orange elastic band.

Try out Tack GPS tracking device

Try out Tack GPS tracking device

Thinking of buying a GPS tracker? Rather than investing in expensive gear coupled with high subscription cost, we employ straightforward, dependable technologies in a small, strong gadget.

Find your peace of mind with Tack GPS’s multi-purpose location tracker device with the longest 30-day battery life with ultra low subscription starting from USD2.99 / month.

Keep track of and ensure the safety of your loved ones anytime and anywhere. Click here to buy now!

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