Ultra long battery life location tracker for Pets, Kids, Elderly or your valuable assets like car, luggage, bike etc.

What's included:

- Tack Device (with embedded SIM card)

- USB-C charging cable

- Lanyard

- 60 days of Tack Connect Service Subscription (Renewable via Mobile App)

Tack Connect includes unlimited location update with roaming data in 20+ countries.

Tack GPS Device

    Reviews & Ratings
    Great Job!


    I've installed the app and have to say I am amazed how wonderful the Tack works! The app looks great also. You guys did a great job on that.
    I won't be using the tracker much, but intend to use it for tracking my luggage when travelling.

    By far the longest batteries life for such a small device

    LS Wong

    That is THE winning feature for me. I last charged mine 18 days ago and it is still having 60% charge. All this while running on Active mode setting! I have 2 GPS trackers of other brand. For 1, the batteries does not last beyond 3 days. Once, my parents' dog got lost and I switched to emergency tracking mode, just to see the batteries running down fast. Anxiety! The other chunky tracker could last more that 20 days, but at more than 350g it is so heavy. So I am really amazed how Tack could managed such good performance. Besides, the build quality is also impressive and the setting up is straight forward. I am really glad to be using this product and would highly recommend it.

    Hope that you can continue to create more wonderful product like this!


    Had been using the product for weeks. It is a very good product as it is light to carry around and battery is lasting too.



    I've been using it and the App and works great so far!

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