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5 Benefits Of Using A Location Tracking App For Family Safety

5 Benefits Of Using A Location Tracking App For Family Safety

There are several apps that have the capability of locating a person. The location of your child when you are not with them can be found using these kinds of apps. This can also be used to find out the location of someone who is traveling in a vehicle. This is especially helpful in cases where you do not know the whereabouts of one of your family members.

These location tracking apps are designed for people who are worried about their kids getting lost or for parents who want to know if their kids are safe when they are in school or out with their friends.

With the advancement of technology, you can easily put your mind at ease. The use of a location tracking app lets you be assured that your loved ones are safe even when they are not next to you. In this article, we are going to share more about some key benefits of using location tracker apps and how it can provide greater safety and security for your family.

1) Safety measures — Instant SOS

Location tracking apps have been designed in such a way that you will always be in the loop with the location of your loved ones. A location tracking app ensures that your kids do not wander off to dangerous uncharted areas when they are away from you.

In cases of emergency, having a location tracker that has an emergency alert function is vital in protecting your loved ones. With built-in single press emergency, Tack GPS is equipped with instant SOS notification alerts and continuous reporting for enhanced safety measures.

Tack GPS comes with One-Click SOS that can trigger a notification alert on your phone. You will be notified of the device's current location on the Tack GPS app. You can trigger emergency mode from the app with a continuous update every 2 minutes.

2) Track multiple loved ones in a single app interface

Location tracking apps are usually designed to help you locate more than one person at a time, which makes it very convenient for you. It will allow you to monitor their whereabouts no matter where they are located at anytime and anywhere.

Tack GPS lets you monitor the locations of up to 99 devices via our robust mobile app. Be assured knowing that your loved ones are safe and sound.

Location sharing is also made easy with Tack GPS. With Tack GPS’s intuitive mobile app, you can easily share real-time locations by sharing a link with others.

3) Get notification alerts directly on your phone app

Location tracking apps come with functions that will notify you in case something goes wrong.

You can set things up and get notified in cases where the route your kids are supposed to take changes or they travel out of the area that they are supposed to be in.

Tack GPS comes with the feature of geofencing with safe zones. This keeps things in check with safe zones through the creation of multiple boundaries. You will receive alerts on your Tack GPS app automatically when the tracking device moves in and out of these prescribed zones.

4) Get a peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are

Location tracking apps let you know the exact location of your kids, and this is especially helpful for young children. With Tack GPS's global built-in SIM, you can locate your kids right from your mobile app with ease.

There will be moments where you will not be able to contact your kids when they are away from you. In some cases, your kids might not hear their phone ringing.

When you use tracking apps, you will know where your kids are. You will not panic when they do not pick up their phone. Additionally, you will be able to check if they reached their destination on track schedule, especially in bad weather conditions.

If you are a caregiver for your parents, and if they suffer from a mental health illness, including Alzheimer's and Dementia, it is definitely a good idea to use a GPS tracker for Dementia Care.

5) Shared access amongst all users in the family

Shared access amongst all users in the family

Using a location tracking app to track a family member’s location is easy and intuitive. Tack GPS’s mobile app comes with an intuitive dashboard that shows the list of paired tracking devices, location information and a map. Share the login credentials amongst your family members so that everyone can get an extra sense of assurance.

With a simple touch, Tack GPS lets you toggle between Standard, Power Saving, Active or Emergency Modes to optimize tracking and battery performances as well.

Tack GPS Location Tracker with mobile app

Tack GPS Location Tracker with mobile app

These are some of the many benefits that come with location tracking apps for the safety and well-being of your family members. It is important to choose the right location tracker for you depending on the features you need. You can install location tracking apps on an Android or Apple smartphone device.

When choosing a location tracking app, it is important to find one that is accessible and user-friendly which you can easily implement in your day-to-day life.

Find your peace of mind with Tack GPS’s multi-purpose location tracking device with the longest 30-day battery life.

Keep track and ensure the safety of your loved ones anytime and anywhere. Click here to buy now!

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