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Tack EVO Floodfinder™

New Dawn in Flood Monitoring

In collaboration with Infineon Technologies

Problem: Global Flood Crisis & Insufficient Monitoring

In 2022, Asia witnessed the fury of nature - 67 flood and storm disasters, impacting 50 million people and resulting in an astounding $36 billion in damages. Unfortunately, today's flood monitoring solutions are inefficient, complex, and extremely costly.

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High Costs:

Steeper investments in both hardware and ongoing upkeep.

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Comprised of multiple separate parts, making deployment and maintenance a challenge.

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Data easily swayed by environmental factors.

The Future's Palm-Sized Solution

Introducing Tack EVO FloodFinder™, a revolutionary palm-sized Flood Monitoring and Early-Warning System unparalleled in accuracy, integration, and deployment.
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1cm/0.4" Precision

Our flood monitoring system provides water level height measurements with an accuracy range of 1 cm / 0.4 inch.


Built for durability, it is designed for long-term deployment in diverse environments. This system, with its precise measurements and sturdy construction, is essential for effective flood management.

Image by Chris Liverani
Image by KOBU Agency

Fully Integrated

Our solution offers an integrated, maintenance-free system for swift water level detection, combined with secure communication via 4G/IoT/GSM Network.


This turn-key solution comes complete with a solar power system, weather-proof panel, mounting accessories, enterprise API integration support, and a web-based IoT platform for real-time monitoring across multiple stations.

Accessible Deployment

Our flood monitoring system is designed for straightforward and easy deployment, thanks to its compact 8cm x 8cm size. Its independent and wireless setup allows for quick installation in various settings.


Additionally, this system is economically advantageous, priced at a fraction of the cost of current market solutions, making it an accessible choice for many.

Image by Dinis Bazgutdinov

All-In-One Integrated (Patent Pending)

Self Powered Solar Battery
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Global Cellularly Connectivity

Smart Data Processing

GPS Geo-tagging
Weatherproof Design
Airtight Screw-on Cap
Robust Air Pressure Based 
Water Level Sensing
Standard 2.5" Pipe Attachment 
Palm-Sized, Compact, and Easy to Instal
6.35cm / 2.5 inch
Pipe Attachment
8cm x 8cm
3.15 inch x 3.15 inch

Straightforward Deployment

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Step 1:

Attach Floodfinder™ to standard 2.5" pipe


Finding Flood, Saving Lives

Why Tack EVO FloodFinder Stands Out:

Precision Perfected

Multiple high-precision pressure sensors detect water level changes with unmatched accuracy.

Global Connectivity

With built-in SIM and support for LTE-M, NB IoT, and GPRS mobile networks, you’re always connected around the world (130+ countries).

Alert System

Be informed instantly through push notifications, email, SMS, or custom alerts for sudden floods.

Weatherproof Design

Reliable and resilient, operating efficiently from -20°C to 60°C

Truly Integrated

All essential components, from smart data processing to GPS geo-tagging, are incorporated in one compact 8cm x 8cm device.


The device houses an ultra-efficient power system, inclusive of a 750mAh rechargeable battery and solar panel. It boasts an impressive 3-month battery life even without sunlight.


Cloud-based Enterprise Dashboard with a ready API for seamless integration.

Two-Step Setup

Simply attach the FloodFinder to a standard 2.5” pipe. Then secure it to any structure in flood-prone areas.

For any inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to learn more, please contact us at
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Product Demo Video

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