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Find the people and things that matter with Tack GPS's 30-Day Battery Life.

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Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)
Multipurpose GPS Tracker for Everyday Use

Tack GPS uses a futureproof Hybrid Tracking Technology to keep your loved ones and valuables safe & sound. Have a better peace of mind over the whereabouts of your pets, kids, elderly, seniors and assets.

Tack GPS Location Tracker icons

Personalised Tacks

Choose from 30+ cute, custom emojis ranging from avatar, animals, assets and more to personalize your Tack GPS devices!


Safe Zone Alerts

Create up to 4 Safe Zones Alerts for added security over your loved ones and valuables.

The Tack GPS app is available on iPhone and Android. Get your Tack GPS tracker today.

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Versatility, Reliability and Performance, with Tack GPS.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

"Whether you need a GPS tracker for peace of mind with your active senior parents, your children, your pets, your backpack, your vehicle, or any other use that you can dream up, Tack GPS is the tracker that can do it all. It only needs to be charged once a month, it’s made to handle the elements, and it is affordable." 

Judie Lipsett Stanford
Editor-in-Chief, Gear Diary
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Tack GPS Tracker with Lanyard
Tack GPS
Tack GPS Tracker competitors
Other GPS Trackers

30 days battery life, recharge only once a month!

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Only lasts 3-5 days, requires frequent charging

Artboard 8.png

Works both Indoors & Outdoors

Artboard 9.png

Mostly Outdoor Tracking

Artboard 14.png

Uses Hybrid Tracking Technology

Artboard 15.png

Limited to GPS

Artboard 12.png

Adopts Future-Proof Mobile IoT Network

Artboard 13.png

Works on Outdated 3G / 4G Networks

Artboard 4.png

Lowest Monthly Fees from only $2.99

Artboard 5.png

Expensive Monthly Fees at $9.95-$34.95

Get your Tack GPS device now.
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