Keeping an eye on your little one
Peace of mind with Tack GPS


FINALLY, the future of location tracking is here 

Like many of you, we are pet owners, we have kids, we also have love ones who are seniors on the go (seniors with mild dementia). We do travel with our valuables too. That's why we want to use technology to keep our most important people/things in life, safe & sound. 



"Whether you need a GPS tracker for peace of mind with your active senior parents, your children, your pets, your backpack, your vehicle, or any other use that you can dream up, Tack GPS is the tracker that can do it all. It only needs to be charged once a month, it’s made to handle the elements, and it is affordable." 

"Location trackers are not new, but we’ve yet to see one that meets consumers’ needs for a truly capable tracker that has a long battery life and is affordable. Tack is a ground-breaking innovation that makes independent tracking available to anyone, improving the way we live our lives in this connected world."

 Judie Lipsett Stanford, Editor-in-Chief, Gear Diary

 Milan Nair, Fone Arena

Unmatched battery life

Compare to other trackers in the market which only last for days, Tack's battery life is best in class, with 30 days battery life in standard usage mode. Here's why:


Runs on state-of-art ultra low power components

Leverages the next Gen IoT network technology designed for low power devices

AI smart power management algorithm which adjust itself based on your usage over time

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Tiny yet stylish

Designed to be best looking tracker around. It's super compact, ultra light and yet water proof. Tack can be attached to anything and be carried effortlessly by anyone/pets in almost any environment.

Ultra lightweighs only 30 grams (1 oz)

Ultra compactjust 47mm x 37mm x 17mm (1.8 x 1.4 x 0.65 inch)

Works Indoors and Outdoors

Tack uses the most advance hybrid location technology combining GPS, WIFI and cell locations

Indoor and outdoors1.jpg

When outdoor, Tack GPS tracks location using GPS satellites.

When indoor, Tack GPS switches to Wi-Fi positioning, leveraging millions of Wi-Fi networks to determine its location.

Safe Zones Alerts

Keep an eye on your most important thing(s) in life without constantly checking in to your TackGPS app

Use Safe Zone to create multiple boundaries or areas where your pets, kids & assets frequently visits

Get an automatic alert right on your Tack GPS app when they move in and out of these Safe Zones

Lowest Subscription Cost

Tracking should not be a burden, Tack delivers innovative new ways to reduce the cost of ownership. In fact, Tack offers the lowest subscription cost among all leading full feature location trackers

So you can track anything/anyone that matters to you for less than a cup of coffee a month​. Unlimited usage and unlimited roaming in 30+ countries

US$ 2.99/mth (2 year plan)

US$ 3.29/mth (1 year plan)

US$ 3.99/mth (Monthly plan)

International Roaming Data

Latest LTE IoT Technology (SIM CARD INCLUDED)

Independent: The tracker is totally independent, it has own mobile data connection to report its location back to you. 

Next Gen IoT Network: This means low power consumption, better connectivity and coverage. It's next gen network technology

Global Roaming: Besides local use, when travel starts up again, global roaming is on us

Water and dust Proof

Using state-of-art Ultra-Sonic welding technique, we built a versatile robust tracker for every adventures.

You can trust this tiny location tracker to perform, rain or shine, at park or beach

App Screen Capture.png

Intuitive controls

Brings you the most critical features along with ease of use:

Dashboard: Monitor multiple devices location and status in a single dashboard view

Live mode: Remotely trigger continuous 
location reports during emergency

Check-in: On demand location update from device on button press

Works equally great on both Android and iOS.

Why is Tack GPS Better

Tack GPS Tracker


Other GPS Trackers

30 days battery life

Lowest monthly fees ($2.99-$3.99)

Works indoors & outdoors

Tiny yet stylish

Works on future proof IoT Network

Battery last for 3-5 days

Expensive monthly fees ($9.95-$19.95)

Mostly outdoor with GPS only

Bulky and industrial

Works on 3G/4G networks (not future proof)

What our customers say


Leverages multiple positioning technologies to provide indoor and outdoor location tracking​


Runs on next generation 

mobile IoT networks

(NB-IoT/Cat M1) for maximum connectivity


Amazing power efficient operation allows up to 1 month usage on a single charge 


Instantly send location on demand from device and remotely trigger SOS mode for continuous location update ​


Super compact form factor, ultra light weight and waterproof. Easily attach on anything, even pets


Hassle free usage with low cost of ownership

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