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Apple AirTag vs a full feature GPS location tracker, what is the difference?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

We have friends and customers asking us: what is the difference between an AirTag and Tack GPS? We hope to share this with you without any bias towards the products. We love Apple products and use them every day, but we hope to educate you on the difference between the two and their best use case.

With the recent announcement of Apple's AirTag, a tiny tracker that helps retrieve lost items like, lanyard, keychains and the like, which will be handy if you have a habit of losing your personal items.

How does the Apple AirTag work?

In a nutshell, it connects to your iPhone, via the “Find My” network found in most iPhones. So when an AirTag crosses its path, it communicates with the “Find My” app to share the location of your AirTag. However this depends on whether the iOS device having the latest version(14.5) with the new Find My system level features.

So what if there is no iPhone nearby?

It that happens, it won't work. Imagine the AirTag is in a large park, where there are no iPhone users. “Find My” app on the iPhone, it can't connect to another “Find My” network and can't share its location with you. Basically the AirTag is similar to most Bluetooth-based tackers that have been on the market in recent years; it won't work on its own without an iPhone nearby.

What is a GPS Location Tracker?

A GPS location tracker must good at two things:

· It must be able to work independently without a phone nearby to connect to

· It is able to report its position independently via a built-in SIM card with mobile network connectivity

A GPS Location Tracker works without the need to connect through another mobile phone or any other tech gadget nearby. This gives the tracker the freedom to work independently in almost any situation, such as, for pets running into the woods, children walking alone, kids at the playground, or an elderly who got lost due to dementia issues. Even if they dont' have a mobile phone with them or there is no mobile phone nearby, it works, the GPS Location Tracker sends its location to your mobile phone, via the mobile network, you informed.

So which is better?

It depends on your usage and what you need the tracker for. AirTag will be great for keychains, your wallets and such, it is not recommended for pets, person and moving vehicles, etc. In those scenarios, it is much better to use a full feature GPS Location Tracker with direct connectivity to the mobile network for independent tracking.

Additional Peace of Mind with Safe Zone Alerts

A full feature GPS location tracker usually comes with some form of Geo-fence/Safe Zone features, which provides push alerts to user's mobile phone when tracker enter and leave the zone. This is extremely useful to owner of the device as it is proactive notification without additional mind share from the owner to check the location from time to time.

About Tack GPS location tracker

A quick highlight of of Tack GPS, it works indoors and outdoors, sends location through its built-in LTE (IoT) network capability directly, and most importantly, it is also one of the longest lasting independent GPS tracker in its class with 30 days of battery life (where most of similar products only last for 2-5 days max before you need to charge it again)

Tack GPS Location Tracker is available at US$79 with a low monthly subscription of US$2.99 per month for a 24 month plan, free roaming in 22 countries and growing.

The TackGPS App is available on Google Play and Apple APP store.


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