Apple AirTag vs a full feature GPS location tracker, what is the difference?

Updated: May 6

We have friends and customers asking us: what is the difference between an AirTag and Tack GPS? We hope to share this with you without any bias towards the products. We love Apple products and use them every day, but we hope to educate you on the difference between the two and their best use case.

With the recent announcement of Apple's AirTag, a tiny tracker that helps retrieve lost items like, lanyard, keychains and the like, which will be handy if you have a habit of losing your personal items.

How does the Apple AirTag work?

In a nutshell, it connects to your iPhone, via the “Find My” network found in most iPhones. So when an AirTag crosses its path, it communicates with the “Find My” app to share the location of your AirTag. However this depends on whether the iOS device having the latest version(14.5)