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5 Benefits of Using A Pet GPS Tracker

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

5 Benefits of Using A Pet GPS Tracker

We expect to be able to find anything and everything that is important to us these days, including our kids, loved ones, cars, and pets. People have all kinds of gadgets to keep them informed about what their pets are doing when they aren't around because pets feel like a member of the family.

Pet owners who want to give their dogs and cats the ability to move off-leash are increasingly choosing collars and wearable gadgets for their animals. Pet trackers offer you a sense of security about where your pet is and have choices to notify you when they leave a chosen "safe area" like your property.

What can a GPS tracker do for your pets

A GPS tracker for pets is a tiny gadget that fits your pet's collar or harness and uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other capabilities to enable you to know exactly where they are and monitor every move they make.

Some pet GPS trackers additionally provide Activity Monitoring and Safe Zone Alerts in addition to displaying your pet's current position globally. This enables you to monitor your friend's activity level, check on their sleep quality, and identify any unusual patterns.

1) Explore the outdoors safely

Explore the outdoors safely

Our pets desire to be outdoors, unrestrained, and to run and explore. Many pet owners desire the freedom to open the door and let their dog or cat wander about the neighbourhood without having to keep an eye on them or attempt to confine them to a certain area.

Pet GPS trackers may offer peace of mind without having to worry when your pets are left outside by themselves. Many pet GPS trackers also allow you to set up a geofence around a chosen safe area, such as your backyard or neighbourhood, and it can notify the owner when the pet leaves that area.

2) Keep an eye on your pet's movements and activities

Tack GPS offers an optimized tracking function with Pet Mode. The Smart A.I. in our GPS tracker will study your pet’s movement patterns and optimize the device's battery life. It can record the pet's activities throughout the day and function similarly to a fitness tracker, which can measure the number of calories burnt, the distance travelled, the number of calories burned, etc.

3) Safe zone alerts

Safe zone alerts

Tack GPS comes with the feature of geofencing with safe zones. This keeps things in check with safe zones through the creation of multiple boundaries. You will receive alerts on your Tack GPS app automatically when the tracking device moves in and out of these prescribed zones.

With Tack GPS, you can set up multiple safe zones and receive automatic push notifications whenever your pet wanders off. This serves as an early warning so that action can be taken before it is too late.

4) Track and find your pets when they go missing

Finding a lost pet is the most obvious and significant advantage of a pet tracker. Pet trackers offer location positioning so that, if your pet has been gone for an extended period of time and you are worried, see where they have been going, and know where to look for them.

If someone else finds the pet, some gadgets contain QR codes that can reveal the owner's contact information. Other types of trackers can even assist in guiding animals back to their homes by using lights, buzzer, or a recorded voice order from the owner.

For pet owners with more than one pet, Tack GPS allows you to monitor the locations and statuses of up to 99 devices in the Tack GPS app. With a single intuitive dashboard at a glance, you can get an extra sense of assurance that things are in the right place at the right time.

5) Location sharing

Location sharing

With indoor and outdoor tracking precision, Tack GPS offers real-time, accurate location sharing. Tack GPS’s robust mobile app allows you to easily share real-time locations of the GPS tracking devices simply by sharing a link with others. This ensures that owners can track down their pets’ whereabouts precisely and quickly in a single tap.

Use Tack GPS tracker to keep track of your pets

Use Tack GPS tracker to keep track of your pets

Find your peace of mind with Tack GPS’s multi-purpose location tracking device with the longest 30-day battery life.

Keep track of your fur friends anytime and anywhere. Click here to buy now!

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