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Tack GPS Helped Son Locate Father with Dementia

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

We understand that dementia is challenging. We have friends and family who have someone they know that battles with dementia and the challenges of location their loved ones is very taxing, plus resources required to be deployed to locate their lost loved ones. Our product has proven to be helpful in locating their loved ones.

Challengers of Dementia Caregivers:

A common behavioural characteristic of dementia is “wandering”. Though wandering provides them with exercise, however many tend to forget their way home. On top of that, caregivers, will have additional stress to locate their “wandering” loved ones. Individuals with dementia who wander are at increases risk of injury, or accidents with traffic, falls, fractures and more.

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Message Details:

Name: Mr Tan

Message: "Hi, I would like to express my thanks to the team behind Tack GPS. My father had dementia and in the recent episode where he wandered off and got lost, Tack GPS had enabled me to find him shortly; in the previous few times when he was lost (before we have Tack GPS), we required assistance from police and was able to find him after hours."


GPS technology is not new, but very useful for families to use. It has been proven that with a GPS location tracker – we are able to cut down the search time by 80-90% and reduce resources by almost 90% as well. (based on studies found in the US)

What sets Tack GPS location trackers apart from others:

Most issues with current GPS trackers today is poor battery life, usually 1-2 days, a Tack GPS has an ultra-long battery life of 30 days on a single charge making it really more versatile than other trackers. Lesser management where you need to recharge it every day.

It comes with built-in IoT SIM without the user going to purchase a SIM card for the tracker. With our super low monthly subscription fees, it is less than a cup of Starbucks Coffee per month. This makes it very affordable for the caregivers.

You get real time alert notification if the loved one has moved outside of the “Home” safety zone or the “center” zones. This means easier management without having to keep checking on the Tack APP all the time.

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