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New Tack APP Update on Android and Apple Devices

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Tack continually updates our Tack APP with new features as well with the latest security updates. For a seamless experience, we encourage our customers to download all the latest updates, the Tack App, will auto-update itself unless in certain cases of how your mobile pre-set downloads, you may have to manually click on "Updates".

New Features and other updates:

- Show route view for easy visualization of the travel path

- Location Sharing for easy sharing of Tack's location with friends/family or helpers for tracking

- New satellite view in the map display

- New timestamp list for location reports within the day

- Ability to extend emergency mode or switch to other modes during emergency mode operation

- Show GPS coordinates at each reported location for easy navigation via other map apps.

New Features to kickstart 2022

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