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Furkids - GPS for Pets

The loss of a pet, whether they are a dog, cat, horse, pig, lama, or whatever kind of animal they may be, is heartbreaking. Besides putting up posters all over the neighborhood and offering fantastic rewards to find your lost furbabies, you will do anything it takes to secure their safe return.

The GPS tracker you need must first and foremost be very comfortable so that your furry friend will hardly notice it's there. Furthermore, it should not require charging every single day, and lastly it should be able to track both indoors and outdoors. Other GPS trackers can only track when it is outdoors.

It's important that your furbaby enjoy their lives, to run and play, as they dart around the house, and sometimes when the door of the house is open, they may find themselves on an adventure. What-If we told you that you could track their whereabouts at any time or be notified when they leave their "Home Zone" even while you are at work, you would be notified immediately. The Tack App at least shows you their location on a map so that it is easier for you to locate their whereabouts, cutting your time down in locating them. Well, don't just hear it from us, we have a little story to share from one of our customers in Singapore on Facebook.

Tack GPS on the furbaby and on the collar/harness below.

Made of soft silicone material, it is easily attachable to the collar or harness.

Find out more from our stores.

Be informed when your furbabies get out of your "Home Zone" via the Tack APP, in this way you will ALWAYS know where they are! And rest assured that you will be able to locate them if they wander off, giving you a peace of mind.

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