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AirTag Vs GPS Tracker - Which is better for me?

Considering a tracker? You might want to take a look at this video on the difference between an Apple AirTag and a GPS location Tracker.

If you are looking for just tacking your keys and bag at home or at the office or even in the classroom, then one of the better solution out there is the Apple AirTag. However if you are looking for a location tracker for elderly, seniors with dementia, little children, assets, then you can consider the Tack GPS location tracker.

Reasons to purchase a GPS location tracker is so that you can locate what you are tracking over a long distance, with a built-in SIM so that the GPS tracker is active independant from needing to be near other phones to be connected to the internet.

So why the Tack GPS location?

  1. Ultra-Long 30 days battery life on a single charge.

  2. Tracks both outdoors and indoors.

  3. Low monthly subscription fees for the data SIM. About the price of a single cup of Starbucks Latte, per month. - yes, per month.

  4. Roaming, get it FREE from Tack GPS in 31 countries and growing. So when we are back traveling, use it even when you are overseas at not extra roaming charges.

  5. Lastly, it is small and stylish design to carry everyday.

Hope this video helps you in your purchase decision. Have a great day, stay safe, stay masked.

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