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Tack GPS Receives Prestigious SafeWise Kids Safety Award

We are thrilled to announce that Tack GPS has been honoured with the prestigious Kids Safety Award from SafeWise. This accolade recognises our commitment to providing reliable, affordable, and effective GPS tracking solutions for children, distinguishing us as a leader in child safety technology.

About SafeWise and the Award

SafeWise is a renowned safety resource dedicated to helping families make informed decisions about safety products. With comprehensive reviews and expert recommendations, SafeWise is a trusted authority in the industry. The SafeWise Kids Safety Awards celebrate top-performing products that excel in protecting children. Tack GPS was recognised for its affordability, advanced indoor tracking, and long battery life, making it an outstanding choice for parents seeking dependable GPS tracking solutions.

We are immensely grateful to SafeWise for this prestigious recognition. Their endorsement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and affordability. The detailed review by SafeWise highlights our product’s strengths, reinforcing our mission to offer reliable safety solutions for families.

Market Position and Product Review

Tack GPS has carved a niche in the market for its cost-effective, reliable performance. SafeWise’s review emphasised our product’s superior indoor tracking capabilities and extended battery life. These features are crucial for ensuring continuous monitoring and safety of children. Tack GPS’s IoT connection enhances its reliability, providing parents with peace of mind.

Product Highlights

  • IoT Connection: Ensures constant connectivity and accurate tracking.

  • Advanced Indoor Tracking: Superior performance in various environments, crucial for monitoring children’s safety indoors.

  • Long Battery Life (30 Days): Reduces the need for frequent recharging, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Price Comparison Table

To better illustrate Tack GPS’s value proposition, here is a price comparison with other GPS trackers:

Angel Sense Tracker


SecuLife S4

SecuLife S4

Tack GPS Plus

Tack GPS



Gabb Watch 3

Gabb Watch 3







Monthly Subscription (1 Year)






Total (1 Year)



$124.00 Best Value



This recognition by SafeWise underscores Tack GPS's commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable safety solutions for families. We look forward to continuing our mission to provide peace of mind to parents everywhere. Our inclusion in the SafeWise Kids Safety Awards affirms that Tack GPS is a leading choice for parents who prioritize their children's safety.

For more details, visit the SafeWise Kids Safety Awards page.

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