Tack GPS Tracker specifications

Outdoor location tracking that leverages GPS

Advanced Wifi positioning capability for location tracking when indoors 

Runs on next generation mobile IoT networks (NB-IoT/Cat M1) for maximum connectivity

Ultra small form factor: 
47 x 37 x 17mm (1.8 x 1.4 x 0.65 inch)
Super light weight: 30g (1oz)

750 mAh rechargeable battery, last for 1 month of use in standard operating mode

Built in accelerometer 

Built in bluetooth for easy device setup

On demand location update from device on button press

Remotely trigger SOS mode for continuous 

location reports during emergency

Water & dust proof

Built-in IoT SIM card included

Works with Tack app on iOS and Android

Tech Specs Explode.png