Senior Couple

Our Seniors

We are all young once upon a time, but with time we grow more experienced, we have been through the ups and downs of the world. And yes, many are still adventurous and want to live life to the fullest. Now they can, without you worrying about our seniors getting lost. 

Senior with Mask

For Our Grey Generation 

Know your senior's movements

Know where your loved ones are anytime, anywhere. No more getting worried and mounting resources to search for a missing senior*

Seniors* with dementia 

A Tiny GPS Tracker 

Fits in any pocket or belts or bags or anything! 

It is so tiny and lightweight it will not weigh you down.  Swap it with our wondercase or just a simple lanyard helps to attach to keychains or anything easily


30 Days Battery Life on Single Charge

No More Fuss About
Charging the Tracker

The longest battery life on normal usage time. No marketing gimmick. What you see is what you get. So no more fussing around charging the GPS Tracker on a daily basis, just charge once every 30 days.  

Indoor Location Tracking

Even in Malls, Buildings, Subways and more

Using multiple smart sensors, the Tack GPS Tracker can locate you using GPS, mobile technology (NB IoT) and WiFi technology. A truly versatile GPS Tracker. Seniors and Elderly sometimes wander off, now you can find them even in the buildings. Greatly reducing resources in searching for them by over 95% and keeping give caregivers a peace of mind on the safety of their seniors. 

Public Transport Passenger