Tracking Assets

Image by Jeff Hopper

Track Anything, Anywhere

Going on a Snapping Expedition or on the job

You will be happy to know that with Tack Connect App, you can create Safe Zones. Once your equipment is moved out of the Safe Zone, you will get an automated alert. Now you can snap away with a peace of mind. 

Riding into another country? 

International Roaming and Ultra-Long Battery Life

If you, are riding on a trip be it locally or crossing borders, you will be happy to know that roaming international is available*. With the ultra-long battery life, you need not worry about charging too. Just one-single charge will last you 30 days, so that you can enjoy your ride.

Bike GPS 1.png

30 Days Battery Life on Single Charge

No More Fuss About
Charging the Tracker

The longest battery life on normal usage time. No marketing gimmick. What you see is what you get. So no more fussing around charging the GPS Tracker on a daily basis, just charge once every 30 days.  


Tiny GPS Location Tracker

Don't Misplace Your Briefcase Or Forgot About It On A Cab

With the Tack GPS Location Tracker you won't loose your briefcase anymore. Be it on the train, bus or on the cab. You can now follow and track where your items are right on your mobile phone Tack Connect App.

Versatile and Weather Ready

Outdoor activities

Use our versatile wonder case for your cases for your activities, strap it on to your bicycle, electric scooters, and more and track where your items are.