Tack GPS tracker comes with Safe Zones for kids

Tack One


Peace of mind for the parents, keeping an eye on them right from the Tack App

Children have fun all the time, be it at school, tuition, playground or malls. Sometimes they may wander off. We know how stressful that can be especially for the parents.

What if you can have the peace of mind to be able to keep an eye on their daily movement and whereabouts, while you are dealing with work and life. Tack GPS Location Tracker lets you track your little one's daily movement, what's more, you can create multiple safe zones directly on the Tack APP. You get mobile alerts when they are moving in or out of those zones that you have preset. In this way, you will have full awareness of where your little ones are at all times. If they ever get lost, you can locate them easily and quickly. The little ones can also press the Tack GPS button and it sends you an emergency alert and location for you to find them.

What sets Tack GPS Location Tracker apart from the rest; it comes with 30-days ultra-long battery life, no need to charge it daily or even weekly. It tracks indoors, while other brands lose tracking when you enter indoors. Low monthly subscription cost of ownership. Tack GPS Trackers are powered by Smart A.I. IoT latest technology. That means better battery life, smarter accuracy tracking

The Tack GPS Location Tracker is designed and built by parents for parents.

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