Seniors on the Go, know where they are, anytime.

Tack One


If seniors lost track of time, Tack GPS Location Tracker is here to provide a peace of mind. Locate your loved ones with ease.

Our parents, our seniors, they enjoy life like any of us.

They enjoy taking walks in the parks, window shopping at the mall, and playing games to remain active. Our tiny and ultra-long battery life means charge once a month via USB-C supplied cable. You can know where your seniors are right on your phone app, you can create safety zones so that when your seniors walks out of that safety zone, you will get an alert on your phone.

If a senior lost track of time, they can either activate the "Look for Me" button or you can easily navigate yourself to their location using the APP on your mobile phone. This helps to cut down on the number of lost and found incidents and a better peace of mind. Less stress for the family and community.