Kickstarter Campaign - Tack GPS Location Tracker

Tack One


A Kickstarter Product by former, Apple, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, AT&T People, building products that matter.

We are embarking on creating a GPS Location Tracker for everyday use with ultra-long battery life, both outdoor and indoor tracking with our Smart A.I. IoT logic with a hyper intuitive user UX on our mobile phone app to use. Did we mention it is waterproof and dust proof too. Plus it must look really sleek to carry around.

Our aim is to built a product that is independent from our mobile phones, and it needs to be a global device.

Use cases are for kids, pets, elderly, equipment, and many other use cases, it must be price friendly and it must work.

The company is founded by former, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, AT&T folks whom put their best brains together to build this tiny little wonder.

Hope you will support us!

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