Next Gen IoT Network

Tack runs on the next generation mobile network (NB-IoT/Cat M1). These low powered wide area networks are specifically 
designed for IoT devices to provide:

Better network coverage to allow Tack to work even in areas of poor cell signal

Lower power consumption so that Tack 
lasts much longer

Tech Specs Explode.png

Future proof with the rapid expansion of IoT network by all major mobile operators

Network_how it works1.png

Versatile Positioning 

Tack GPS works on multiple location tracking technologies to ensure you are always in touch. Tack GPS Leverages on GPS, WIFI and mobile network for versatile positioning 

When outdoor, Tack GPS tracks location using GPS satellites

When indoor, Tack GPS switches to Wi-Fi positioning, leveraging millions of Wi-Fi networks to determine its location

Even when both GPS and Wifi networks are unavailable, Tack GPS is able to fallback on cell tower location

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